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It says playable in browser, but I can't figure out how to launch the game? All I see is what looks like a big poster for the game. There's nothing  I can click on that says Play or Launch Game. Am I missing something? I am in Google Chrome on Chrome OS, if that matters.

Hello! Thanks for checking out this project. It was made as an entry in a gamejam, so it's no longer being developed. However, I'm running it on Chrome right now as a test and it loads in on the right side of the "poster". It has a vertical format. Maybe your screen resolution or browser viewing size/zoom is too small and it's not immediately visible?


I encounter the same problem and there's no "right loading"

I can see a poster taking about one third of the screen in the very center of the screen and nothing else.

Sorry to hear! As mentioned however this game jam entry is no longer supported or developed. I guess the Wanderer's wanderings have finally come to an end. :(

I have the same problem.

Also, If it's no longer being supported or worked on, then why is there a donation button to support this game? 


I didn't even know there was one since it's never been used. But worry not. Thank you for spotting the target. The target has been eliminated! >:)

Great gameplay and presentation! Wish I could have played more, but there seems to be a bug where I played a card to dig out of the Burn pile but that overlay wouldn't disappear, not to mention my hand was somehow full at that point.

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Hey there Motorhud! I believe the issue was that you had to drag the card from the Burn Pile window to your Draw Pile, not your hand. Its true that some of the UI mechanics aren't fully conveyed. We ran out of time to flesh out a proper tutorial! Give it another shot if you can and try it out. Either way, thanks a ton for playing our game and leaving a comment!

Really nice game once you really understand how it works... Actually, I took the "D" on cards for a "0", and didn't understand why I'd continuously roll 1-3 over a 0-104 possible value ^-^'...

Once read correctly, the game feels much better ! Good job on the art, simple and efficient (the game page itself is beautifull)! Gamedesign is really good too! Well done! My only suggestion would be on a easier font to read.

Aww, haha, yes indeed. That font is definitely gonna be the first thing we work on post-jam. Thank you so much for the feedback. Glad you could figure out the mechanics regardless and enjoyed them for what they were! We really poured our hearts into this one as it is our first game and I chance to show our love for giant mechas and scifi! 

Very nice game. I love the art style and the music. You did an amazing job. Its really enjoyable to play. Well done! 

I'm so happy you enjoyed our little game! Thank you so much for leaving such a nice comment. :D

Love this!  Ok - who did the audio?  I don't see any info.  Really great work.

Thank you! Honestly we didn't have a dedicated audio expert for this little project. We used clips from the dedicated community, listed in the in-game credit section!

oh wow!  Well done then.  I would be honored to contribute some original content for your next jam! Seems like you’ve got a solid team and great focus. Best wishes!

This game is very underrated and jam-packed with content. Great OST, simply marvelous art-style and complex yet simple gameplay at the same time. This was most certainly a positive experience and it deffinitely shows serious potential. Keep it up!

Thank you so much for giving our game a try! It was trully a labor of love as we are big fans of the scifi and card game genre. We did our best to keep it sweet and tight but hope to develop this project futher post-jam!

Quite simply awesome !! It's like a gold nugget.
All of this game is interesting. Keep it in mind.
That's all.

Thank you for your words. We certainly plan continue building upon this prototype and your feedback definitely motivates us to give it our best! <3

It feels great! Really polished and engaging gameplay!

Woo! Thanks you so much for your words. We did our best as this is our first game and rushed to push it through the gate for the jam, but it was just so much fun to do.

I feel you, mate! we've been there too haha

Really cool idea and I love the graphics. I did find it hard to read some of the messages with how fast they appear and the custom font. Would love to see a post jam version with music and SFX! :)

Thank you so much for the feedback, so glad you liked the concept and the art. The custom font definitely needs some looking into but we are commited to continue working on this idea post-jam!

Great Graphics, very interesting Gameplay and beautiful made sound!

The text is a bit hard to read for me sometimes and I first really didn't understand how to play it (although reading the rtfm, but like I said, the text was kind of hard to read). All in All great game!


Hey thanks for your feedback! Concern about text legibility has been noted and we’ll be looking to improve that as well as how we communicate the game’s mechanics in upcoming updates.

The concept of the game was beautiful! I loved the art and the music! Though I was kind of struggling at first but I manage to work it through! Great game!

Thanks for your kind words, and I’m glad you enjoyed it enough to stick with it until the gameplay become clear. Watch this space for improvements once the jam is complete :)

whoa! Love the art direction in this, lovely music as well. It takes a little getting used to the mechanic and the first time user experience could be a little more clear but it's a great game! I look forward to seeing more of it!

Thank you for your comment and support! We definitely had a lot of fun with the concept and art. The importance of the new player experience is one of the most important lessons we’ve learned from this first jam/project. Time constraints meant we couldn’t build the tutorial that we wanted in time for the jam, but we’re committed to taking this game further after the jam.

This is pretty good! Though the tutorial felt very much like a big information dump, and I couldn't really follow the mechanics all too well. Though from what I could manage to figure out, the game was pretty nice! I am absolutely in love with the art style and theme! Great work!

Yes indeed, a proper guided tutorial is in the works. Thanks a ton for the feedback and glad you enjoyed it.

Super wholesome little adventure. Its super obvious this game was made with just having a good time and seeing what would happen in mind. Music is great, sound effects make me feel like I'm in some sort of anime battle scene. If you ever wanted to win a battle against a monster with rock paper scissors now is your time!

So glad you enjoyed it. Yes indeed! This is an anime inspired vintage scifi tribute made with a lot of love for the genre. Thanks a mega-ton for dropping a comment. >:)